The Banquet take on a life of their own at LuLu ICC. The plenary hall can easily accommodate 2000 guests while the flexi hall, which can be divided into 3, can accommodate 50 to 450 guests. Two other a/c banquet halls can take 700 guests and 1000 guests each and the open air courtyard can further accommodate 1500 people. These are the venues that enhance and exemplify banquet standards. Be it gala dinner or lunch buffets with themes and live counters or traditional sadyas served in plantain leaves, table service and the works, LuLu is the place to get it done in style. Cuisines from the farthest corners of the globe to the local, you will get it here at LuLu. The LuLu experience and the quality service comes assuredly.

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For business or pleasure, rest at the end of the day becomes an indulgence at the LuLu Garden Hotel! Offering sophisticated facilities and sheer luxury, this hotel features 30 execuitve rooms and 5 suites. Wi-fi facility in the total area, a business center, a health club and the most modern comforts and amenities makes this a comfortable stay away from the crowds and a peace and tranquil calm that is synonymous.

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