Mega Shows And Events

The grander the venue, the greater the impact. Award nights, Plays, Musical nights, Dance Performances, DJ nights, Movie launches - every event becomes a grand celebration at LuLu ICC. Host to a number of upscale events and gala nights, LuLu ICC as a venue itself contributes to elevate the standard of any and every event. Today LuLu is one of the most sought-after venue for events for the assurance that it will add to the grandeur and splendour of an exemplified event.

This multi-faceted venue offers a number of variations and facilities for conferences and seminars of any scale. Be it small meetings, or large scale conferences or seminars, LuLu offers complete event-management solution with its team of professionals.

The state-of-the-art audio and video setup is apt for any and every requirement like AGMs, Medical conferences and seminars and more along the lines of corporate meetings. Separate halls for different sessions, banquet facility for gala dinner, cultural programmes for entertainment are all available on request.


Mega Shows/Studio Shoots


Brand/Business Promotions


Fashion Shows