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Guruvayoor is a spot where hoteliers never need to chase for travelers. As the area is popular for Sri Krishna sanctuary, Guruvayyoor the greater part of the inns are full consistently. Furthermore, one can't expect unprecedented administration at the vast majority of the lodgings here. Lulu International Convention Center is very close to the sanctuary so you can have darshan effortlessly.

Guruvayoor is a civil town situated in the Thrissur locale of Kerala. This real journey focus is known as the most perfect and vital towns in India. This wonderful sanctuary town is known for its reality acclaimed Sree Krishna Temple which is accepted to be one of the 108 most holy Vishnu sanctuaries on the planet. This holy town is arranged in Thrissur locale which is an around 102 km from Kochi. Guruvayoor Ekadasi and Chembai Sangeetholsavam are principle celebrations of Guruvayoor. The entire town is organized around the Guruvayur sanctuary and one can investigate the town by foot.

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Nearby Temples

Mammiyoor Temple – The incredible Mammiyoor Temple committed to Lord Shiva is only a 10-minute stroll from the Guruvayur Temple. This is accepted to be the sanctuary from where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati offered endowments to the Guruvayur Temple amid the symbol establishment of Lord Krishna by Guru and Vayu. It is trusted that one ought to visit both the Guruvayur Temple and the Mammiyoor Temple to finish the profound experience.

Narayanamkulangara Temple The Temple found only a half kilometer far from the holy place is devoted to Goddess Narayani. It is trusted that she presents salvation on men going by the Temple.

Parthasarthi Temple The Temple is found only a couple meters far from the Guruvayur Temple. The primary divinity is Lord Krishna who is delineated in a posture where he is edifying Arjuna about the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. The Vrischika Ekadasi is commended with awesome love at the Temple.

About Guruvayur Temple

Guruvayur is called as the Bhooloka Vaikuntam as here lives Vishnu as Guruvayurappan, an icon accepted to have been revered by Lord Krishna Himself. Ruler Guruvayurapan ,accordingly got His name as the icon here was introduced by Guru (Jupiter) and Vayu (the God of wind) .Inside the sanctuary directly before the sanctum is the dwajasthambham . There is no electrical enlightenment inside the sanctum and the awesome symbol of Lord can be seen just with the brilliant gleam of oil lights and the luster exuding from the sanctum can't be communicated in words.

A specific clothing regulation is followed in this sanctuary and it is required for men to wear dhoti and for ladies sari or salwar. Explorers line up calmly for a darshan of their dear God, droning Lord's name 'Om Namo Narayanaya' which itself is an awesome affair and the air gets accused of dedication and thoroughly transports one to a domain of inward peace and agreement .

There are sub altars for Ganapathi, Ayyapa, Edatharigathu Bhagavathy. There is a heavenly symbol of Vishnu leaning back on his serpent Aadisesha with consort Lakshmi. There are awesome canvases on the dividers of the sanctum and every one of the columns have perfectly etched scenes from Krishnavatara .

The sanctuary claims a considerable amount of elephants and numerous are offerings from the fans to their dear God as Guruvayurappan is accepted to be a significant other of elephants . There are Seevelis (Procession conveying icon on top of elepahnt) both in the morning and late in the night just before the sanctuary closes. I was sufficiently blessed to witness the kazhcha Seeveli at night and there were four caparisoned elephants for the same.The parade was majestic with beautiful parasols, aalavatom ,venchamaram and panchavadayam ( percussion instruments), Every year the sanctuary leads an elephants' race and the elephant which wins the race gets the privilege to convey the icon of Lord for Seeveli for whatever remains of the year. This fascinating exhibition is a tremendous group puller drawing in swarms of fans though somewhat alarming for one who is not habituated to see elephants at such lacking elbow room. Photography is restricted inside the sanctuary.